In the backdrop of the pandemic, the world has now realized that meaningful work doesn’t necessarily happen from traditional office spaces and ability is not a function of rigorous, sometimes punitive yet irrelevant academic grind. Most of our co-workers do have illustrious academic backgrounds but none of that has been the reason for them to be with us, what matters to us is how people contribute and add lasting value. We have always held the conviction in our remote operating model. We have been living this ‘new normal’ since our founding days by design. Staying lean was a necessity during our ‘start-up’ days but now it is a choice in our ‘stay-up’ phase. This allows us to hire exceptionally talented technologists from around the world.


We believe our customers are our die-hard fans and not just loyal customers. We consider business to be like any other performing arts or professional sports whereby loyalty is earned through die-hard fans who are in love with our craft and the outcomes they experience.

We listen to customers and yet we take pride in saying NO to demands from our customers that will be detrimental to them in the long run. Our honest approach builds our credibility with our customers for lasting relationships.


The exceptional abilities of our core technologists and their craft is the most meaningful asset we have as a company.

Our team demonstrates the spirit of rich leadership at all levels from an intern to the CEO in a fairly ‘manager free’ working environment. Our leadership team has only 2 ’C_O’ role titles, one appearing at the top and one at the bottom, one ‘pulling’ the organization forward while the other ‘pushing’ the organization forward. The only thing that matters is the unified purpose to move the organization forward by delivering amazing solutions for our die-hard fans (our customers).


Business is a long term team sport we play with our long term partners. We live in a collaborative ecosystem of organizations with distinct yet complimenting capabilities.

The world has never been more interdependent and interlocked. ‘Standalone strength’ is a myth and a gross fallacy in this increasingly connected world.

We provide insanely great products and services through our strong partnerships.

The Way We Work


On Planning

In the long run, it is not the strongest who survive but the most adaptable. We plan for twelve weeks at a time and revisit our strategy regularly to test its relevance.

On Speed

We live by the philosophy of the Navy SEALS ‘Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.’

On Work

Thoughtful and distraction free work is essential in what we do. We foster a work environment where we eliminate the cost of context switching to maximise productive work. We empower our teams, they reciprocate by taking the responsibility and accountability for the outcome of their work. Our teams apply the best of themselves at work.

‘Whistle While You Work’ from the 1937 animated Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs inspires us to make work an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

We continue to take inspiration from a range of sources including our own life experiences to shape our evolving culture.

AI Ethics

AI, Computer Vision and Deep Learning can create magical, limitless, and positive outcomes. They can also have a potentially damaging impact on the society if not carefully and responsibly used. We put every solution of ours through a rigorous review process to ensure it is ethically and operationally ‘fit for purpose’.