Featuring Dr. Satya Mallick (CEO, BigVision.ai)

A Tale of Text to Talent!

Deep Dive into GPT API-Powered CV Assessment

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In this webinar, you will use GPT APIs for….

Enhanced Text Extraction

Implement techniques for extracting text from various document formats, such as PDF, DOC, and DOCX files.

Intelligent Structuring of Unstructured Data

Utilize GPT API to transform unstructured text into structured data, facilitating the extraction of key information such as name, email, and phone number from resumes. Just a few months back, you had to be an expert in Natural Language Processing to pull this off.

Automated Resume Summarization

Develop an automated system for summarizing resumes, highlighting the most pertinent information for recruiters and HR professionals, thereby speeding up the initial screening process.

ChatGPT for Information Extraction

Learn custom prompts to efficiently extract specific information from resumes, such as technical skills and years of experience, making the recruitment process more efficient.

Job Description Requirement Extraction

Implement prompts and GPT API to automatically extract essential requirements and qualifications from job descriptions, aiding in the creation of a structured checklist of criteria for candidate evaluation.

Resume and Job Description Matching

Develop a smart matching system that compares the structured data of a resume with the requirements extracted from a job description. This will provide insights into any missing elements and enable the system to rate a resume against the job requirements, assisting recruiters in shortlisting candidates more effectively.